janet-blondeSo many of you know that last summer I spent two months as a blonde. Boy was that fun! I think the old adage is true! Going from a darker color, my initial attempt to become Barbie involved color removal. Then I bleached up light and THEN I did a high lift blonde. It was a drastic change. No issues arose that caused me any worries. The second time I went to lighten things up even more, about 3 weeks later, I noticed more itching and more tightness on my scalp. But I was light and brighter so yay! You know what they say – “beauty is pain” so I just figured what’s a little itchiness. The third time, I switched lighteners. I turned into a swollen mess! My eyes swelled up, my breathing was affected and it was scary! I had to take steroids for almost a week. Since then, I have noticed that my sensitive scalp reacts strongly to many different product lines.

Fast forward to March 2014… After a successful Brazilian Blowout campaign in which I did about 6 treatments over January and February, I had a serious asthma attack in the salon. Again, I was prescribed steroids via inhaler. My issues have gone away but it left me with major questions about the products I am using in my salon.

What I’ve noticed over the last 5 years is alarming. Women, new to me and long time clients, experiencing something in common, – hair with a lack of integrity. This includes breakage, thinning, fragile and tangled hair. Or worse, hair loss! So I ask the difficult questions about many of the contributing factors in severe hair loss and damage such as stress, no sleep, diet, and health. When nothing else adds up, what else do they all have in common? They are all coloring their hair on a regular basis. It is then that I have to turn around and ask myself if the products I use are assisting in the problem.

I’ve determined that it is time for me to reevaluate my product lines (yes AGAIN). Stay tuned to learn why and read about what exactly you’re putting in your hair!