feathersBy now you have noticed many people walking around with little stripes in their hair. Look closer. What you are most likely noticing is the hottest trend in hair since little hot pink hair extensions took off several years ago for breast cancer awareness month.

Feathers have become the latest in the hot trends department. They are fun, obscure, easy, non-damaging and pretty economical. People are sporting them in many ways from one single feather hidden underneath long locks, to a bundle of bright colored feathers in the bangs. Some have attached them to braids, some have put them in updos and elegant styles to add color and pizzazz. Everyone is doing them, too. My first feather client was a woman who has 3 kids and a corporate job. I have done them on little girls, teens, tweens, moms, ladies with tattoos, and ladies without. I have not yet done a man, but come on! If Steven Tyler can wear them, you can too!

Celebrities from Jessica Alba, Roseann Barr, Megan Massacre, and many others have been seen with them in their hair. No one is immune to the feather craze!

So what’s the deal with them being available everywhere from hair salons to flea markets? Well, keep in mind who you are dealing with. For feathers that can be styled with hot tools such as your curling iron, blow dryer, and flat iron, you want to make sure you are getting what you pay for. Ask them if they can be styled the way you style your hair. If they have a flat iron available, ask them to flat iron one so you know for sure.

Feathers come from many places (well they come from birds 😉 ) but there are only a few farms where they actually process them the way they can be safely worn in the hair and are humane to the birds they pluck. Because of this, industry pricing can become an issue. Don’t be fooled! Michaels, Joann, and other craft supply stores carry feathers but these could become real yukky when you go to wash them. Will they melt when you put them to heat? Well, I wouldn’t want to learn the answer to that the hard way.

The reputable places who sell the feathers have tried to maintain some respect and integrity for the hair profession by offering their feathers to only licensed hair stylists. This is because of many factors. One is that it will help keep cost down by being better able to meet supply/demand balances. Another is because we are working with hair! Do you really want someone without any hair knowledge putting some weird (possibly unprocessed think duck feather found by car) feather in your hair? And of course, for their benefit too!

My feathers come from only 2 sources and they have both had me send in my licensing information before I could order. The 2 places try to be strict with this but just like with your professional hair products, there are ways around it. Because I purchase outright from the places who have amazing reputations, I can make statements that others cannot. I can tell you that they can be used over and over. I can tell you they are clean. I can tell you to style your hair with what ever you want!

I keep my prices competitive because I love my industry and want everyone to be able to participate. But I cannot match the prices of some of the unlicensed boutiques, flea markets, and tables at festivals who offer eBay feathers for a couple bucks. But I have seen these feathers come in and there is no color left, they are frayed and tattered and just don’t last. Like they say, you get what you pay for.

Technically speaking, they are easy to apply, last at least until your next cut or color service, can be easily removed with minimal damage, and put back in. So don’t toss them if you take them out!

So, now you know the ins and outs of feathers. I finally took the leap and put a few in my hair! Do you have yours yet? C’mon, what are you waiting for?

The eagle will soon depart so don’t wait!