I have 200 clients (and growing), but there is a time when YOU are my favorite one.

When you are in my “Happy Chair”, you are #1 and I give you my undivided attention.

From the moment you walk into my salon, until the time you leave, my focus is on you and your needs. I will consult with you, check to see what worked and determine where we may improve upon your last service. Doing this, insures your look is always fresh, current and exactly what you desire. If you loved your experience last time, my detailed records allow me to easily recreate it for you at any moment.

I love to spoil you.  Do you need quiet time?  While your color is processing, I can dim the lights, soften the music, brew you a cup of tea and let you rest.

Do you want to vent about your crazy day?  I’m all ears, girl!  What’s said in the “Happy Chair”, stays in the “Happy Chair”!  (Be glad she can’t talk…National Enquirer would be calling!)

Do you have work to do?  Hook up to wifi, plug in your tablet and go.  My space is your space.

I am blessed to be able to offer this unique salon experience to you…if there is anything I can do to make a visit more comfortable – that is my goal.  Come in and visit me (send a friend, too) – I know you’ll love it!

With Love,  jr