Booking your future appointments in advance is such a great help to me!

Because I don’t have a receptionist, when the Happy phone rings, it’s me who takes the call.  I love this aspect of my business because when the phone does ring, it usually means I have a new client to serve.  But, it is FREEING when clients utilize the conveniences I offer, as I am able to spend more time with you with less distraction.  And, that I LOVE!

Are you a night owl who loves evening appointments?  Are you an early bird who loves to ‘get ‘er done’?  Do you like to come on Saturdays?  If you aren’t already scheduled and you want one of these preferred time slots, you may wait up to 3 weeks to get in (#200clients)!  Avoid the wait and schedule those appointments in advance to insure you get the prime time spot you want!  If you come every 4 weeks, I encourage you to book as forward as you can.  Some of my clients are booking every 6 – 8 weeks and this can overlap my 4 week spots.  So…stay a step ahead, and BOOK BEFORE YOU LEAVE!

Another helpful tid-bit from me:  In the event unforeseen circumstances cause you to need a reschedule of your appointment, I would prefer a true re-schedule versus trying to work you in to the schedule last minute.  Of course, accommodating needs is my top priority – and I appreciate my clients who are willing to flip-flop appointments with another client.  It is always helpful and a generous gesture for all involved.

FINAL THOUGHT:  Take advantage of securing your prime spot.  You may book while your color is processing, before you leave the salon or when you are in the comfort of your home planning your monthly calendar.  Who knows, you may just win my next FREE Haircut drawing!