no 3 soc medI Wish You Knew…I LOVE YOUR PICTURES!

I know how hard it is sometimes to communicate a vision you have for your hair.  I know because I am also a client!  When a stylist just isn’t ‘seeing “it” – the vision for your style – it can be really frustrating and creates anxiety for all involved.  Not being on the same page can result in not achieving the hair of your dreams…ain’t nobody got time for that!

A picture is worth a thousand words – as they say.  With your picture, I am able to decipher what your idea of the perfect red is.  I am able to see how sharp you want that angle in your bob.  I can see what you consider bangs.  What ‘dark’ means to you – as it may be entirely different to me.  So, I value those Pinterest photos, magazine clippings and, pictures you took of the pretty girl in the checkout line.

Take the time:  when you have an idea, spend a little time saving photos and looking for similarities in pictures to share with me. I can bring that vision to life… right before your eyes!