It’s nearing the end of the annual frantic rush to get holiday gifts for your family, friends and co-workers.  Ideas are growing slimmer by the minute – options are feeling less and less appealing – and, you just want to get something you know you can trust they will enjoy.  I feel your pain and I want to help you by offering some suggestions for a few of my favorite things this holiday season!

Here are my TOP 5 HOLIDAY MUST GIVES FOR 2016 – or as I like to call it…



This little invention is sure to please!  It ends the constant struggle of hair tangles and travels well, too!




Winter leaves hair dry, stat-icky and frizzy!  This amazing leave-in conditioner is the perfect defense in fighting the winter-hair-hydration blues!




This purse size lotion keeps those hands perfectly soft.  Because, well…who wants dry hands?




Not much more to say than it is just simply the best hairspray on the market.




If you missed my big BOGO gift card promotion – don’t fret – there’s always next year!  You still have time to get that special someone the total beauty package with a gift card from my sweet salon!


Any one of the items on the “J” List will work perfect as a gift, within a wonderful gift basket, or as a stocking stuffer!

Call, email, stop-in or message me on where and how I can get your hands on any of these items.

Have a very Happy Holiday and I look forward to making you beautiful in 2017!