Clients often ask me to help them pick out a hairstyle that is the best for their facial features, face shape and can accent all the right attributes.  I must admit – it’s a favorite part of my job!

I do take into consideration some standardized hair rules, as well as my personal point of view prior to suggesting a style or cut.  Rules are good – sometimes.  And, some of my opinions are informed and help eliminate certain requests.

For example, I prefer not to do permanent color or bleach on the scalp of clients before puberty.

But, as you all know – I feel strongly that some rules were made to be broken!  A person’s individual hairstyle goes DEEPER than the standard ‘hair rules’ can serve.

Case in point:  It took me years to realize that when I cut my long, over permed, super thick hair into the popular ‘Lorrie Morgan’ hair style of 1992, I wasn’t just reacting to a bad break-up!  Hahaha!

lorrie-morganRather, it was an expression of FREEDOM and a symbol of owning who I am.

24 years later, my hair is still short!

And to further make my point, if I were to always do what the ‘hair rules’ suggest – I shouldn’t have short hair as a curvaceous woman!  The general rule states that heavier women are best suited with longer hair styles or angular bobs.  SURE – those look great – but, I don’t connect with them.  They don’t match ALL of me!


In other words – if a style that is said to look best on you doesn’t also represent your personality – I encourage you to keep looking!

If you appreciate how your neck appears elongated.  If you like to see your ears to enjoy and all those pretty earrings.  Wear it short.

If you’re sassy.  If you’re 86.  If you want to stand out.  Wear a fashion color.  Make it purple.

If you like to wear your hair funked out.  If you prefer to wear it smooth.  Do it.

If you prefer easy and free flowing.  Or, a style that allows you to stay cool.  Or looks killer under a scarf.  Let’s figure it out.

It’s about looking in the mirror, liking what you see and saying, “Yes, that’s me.”

I ask you:  What’s your hair dream?

Do you want to cut it all off and sport a pixie cut for the first time?

Have you always had short hair but want to take the steps to grow it long?

Have you thought about adding some fashion colors in to spice things up?  A Balyage?  Sombres?

Come in and let me get to know you.  After about the third cut, I will know you and your hair better so that I can

start making suggestions and “planting seeds” of possibilities.

What are you waiting for?

What’s holding you back?

Drop your fears and let’s jump in.  Feel the freedom.